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Consolidated Election Candidates

Important: The races listed below are only the contested races where there are more candidates than open seats. There are candidates running for these offices who have extremist agendas. We have not listed them here. This is a non-partisan election. Therefore, our list of candidates likely includes competent individuals from all parties, who we believe are worthy of holding office. In some cases, there are more candidates listed than there are open seats. Again, this list is composed of only the candidates we feel are worthy of consideration for your vote. We encourage all voters to research the candidates before casting their votes.


Wheaton City Councilman At-Large

Vote for 2:

Erica Bray-Parker (incumbent)

Frank Hudetz


CUSD 200 

Two-year term, Vote for 1:

John Rutledge

Four-year term, Vote for 3:

Julie Kulovits (Incumbent)

Dave Long (Incumbent)

Anjali Bharadwa

Erik Hjerpe


Glen Ellyn

District 41

Vote for 3:

Jessica Buttimer

Julie Hill

Ted Estes

District 89

Vote for 3:

Yannick Koger

Jessica McGee

Scott Pope


District 87

Two-year term, Vote for 1

Margaret DeLaRosa *

Four-year term, Vote for 3

James Shannon Facebook/Dr. James Shannon

Martha Mueller *

Jessica Breede *

Hetal Lee Facebook/Hetal Lee

Keyanna Kincade *

*FaceBook page or web site information not yet available


Lombard Library Board

Ginger Kearney


County Wide

COD Board of Trustees

Vote for 2*: 

Haroon Atcha

 *To insure Haroon is elected, only vote for him. The other two candidates have extremist agendas and if you vote for one it dilutes the vote for Haroon.


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